William Basinski & Dopplereffekt Are
At The Borusan Music House

05 February 2016
Nova Muzak series, which are organized with the collaboration of Borusan Sanat & KOD Müzik and bring freshness to our musical life will be with us in 2016 as well. In the winter schedule of Nova Muzak, which unites offbeat artists and groups, who are never giving up on seeking innovations, with their fans, William Basinski, who earlier delivered performances that were totally identified with the venue and open for surprises, and Dopplereffekt, the most characteristic and cult couple of the electro world will meet the audience at the Borusan Music House on Friday 26th February.


With the instruments he uses and his style, that includes melancholia in the electronic music, William Basinski is one of the artists to take a place in the avant-garde music history. After having a clarinet training Basinski studied saxophone and composition at Texas University. In the late 1970s he was inspired by the music of Steve Reich and Brian Eno and he began developing a different vocabulary and music of his own. He realised he had to use different tools first and started using old tape loops and old tape decks. By distorting, slowing down and cutting the tapes and creating infinite short loops he started transforming the vocal correspondences of pastoral tones from our childhood, noises of experiences, half desperate& half melancholic emotions of people against time into minimal compositions. In New York, he created tens of these tapes in the 1980s. His first album Shortwavemusic (1983) was released with Raster Noton label, however Watermusic was self-released. The four-volume album “Disintegration Loops”, which were inspired by the September 11, actually recorded by the beginning of 1980s and based on old tape loops which were about to lose their magnetic features, is accepted to be one of the most important experimental music composition in the last 30 years. The most distinguishing feature of Basinski’s music is that he performs his music live with the same instruments (tape loops, decks) he recorded them. As Basinski performs his music at the Borusan Music House, his artist friend James Elaine, who has been with him from the beginning, will accompany all those sounds with his visuals.


If you would like to wander around the climax of the abstract electronic music, Dopplereffekt is meant for you… Dopplereffekt group was founded by Gerald Donald, one-half of the band Drexciya that was an important electro projects of Detroit music theather; the group consecutively released singles and EPs between 1995-1997 that gained the attention of entire electronic music world. Their music was cold, abstract, and dystopian but included some political messages at the same time and it was not only aiming at dance floors. Those records, which were taken off hats by many DJs and producers from Jeff Mills to Aphex Twin and from DJ Hell to Herbert, were later released by International Deejay Gigolos. The band was silent between 1999 and 2003, in 2000’s they released two albums from the prestigious electronic music company Rephlex. In 2013, they made a rigorous comeback to the music industry and consecutively released EPs that received very good critiques. The band performs their visual- audio sets, on which they have been working on for a long time, at clubs, festivals as well as some venues like art galleries and centers. One of these performances is a part of Nova Muzak Series 2016 winter schedule.

Nova Muzak / Winter


Friday, February 26, 2016

20.30 Doors Opening


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