Supsan Developed 2 New Products Due to Customer Expectations

04 February 2016
Supsan A.Ş, one of the Borusan Holding companies, which holds a significant market share in Turkey with an annual production capacity of 10 million pieces, has released two new innovative products on which they have been performing product development studies for a long time. Supsan A.Ş., which produces valves for globally known automobile companies particularly including Porsche, Aston Martin, Ferrari, BMW and Mercedes, aims at reaching 25% of the market in the next 4 years through its innovative products New Generation Turbo and Camshafts.

Salih Salson, General Manager of Supsan A.Ş., told that they periodically conducted various surveys with the mechanics, who have regularly replaced their products in the sector: “By this means, we both find out the opinions of our customers about our products and observe the needs and expectations of the market towards new products. Our surveys indicate that in the market, there are gaps in two fields: VNT Turbo, which is known as New Generation Turbo, and Camshafts. We have advised our Product Development Department accordingly and started working on these two new innovative products.” Salih Alson stated that they have received very positive feedbacks from the market regarding these products. “Both of our products are going through a difficult test in the spare parts market. Along with the results we will get from here, we also would like to take a place in original equipments market as well as the spare parts market.”

Salih Alson pointed out that the product made out of innovation studies is VNT Turbo, which is called as the new generation turbo:”Turbo has been a very significant product for us. At first step, our goal was to make a Westgate Turbo. We accomplished that after long researches. Our product was appreciated in the market as well. Once Westgate Turbo has turned out to be a success, we started working for VNT Turbo, which has been determined as the second step, and eventually we made it.” Salih Alson mentioned that one of their principal features is selling warranted products. He added, “There is no other company other than us who is selling warranted product in the turbo industry.” Salih Alson stated that they are planning to reach an annual production capacity of 50.000 pieces in VNT Turbo: “We anticipate that the market will reach a quantity of 200.000 in the next 4 years and we still would like to have 25% of the market share.”

Salih Alson informed that they used to outsource and release camshafts to the market earlier and added, “We have seen in our studies that we have the equipments to produce this item. We have purchased the necessary machinery and started the production. We have received positive feedbacks so far, which has boosted our confidence.” Salih Alson stated that they initially aim reaching at an annual capacity of 35.000 pieces, and added, “We anticipate that the camshaft market will reach a quantity of 125.000 pieces in the next 4 years and we will achieve 25% of the market share. We are working to reach this goal”
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