Borusan's 70th Anniversay Light up by Arts

06 January 2014
Borusan, which is about to celebrate its 70th anniversary in 2014, brought to life a unique project at its headquarter, the Haunted Mansion. The contemporary artist Thierry Dreyfus's video installation "Our Dreams Remain Our Dreams" is being projected on the outer facade of the historical building.

orusan, one of Turkey's most ardent backers of arts/culture, started projecting a special video installation on the outer facade of its headquarter at the Perili Köşk, located at Istanbul's Rumelihisarı. The video-lighting installation of the contemporary artist Thierry Dreyfus is titled "Our Dreams Remain Our Dreams" and has been specially commissioned by Borusan as part of its 70th anniversary.

A permanent piece of Borusan's Contemporary Art Collection, the installation is transformed into a captivating video-light spectacle on the outer facade of the Haunted Mansion.

The historical building's balconies are illuminated from below with embedded video screens who display passing clouds, currents of water, footsteps on sand, and rays of sun peeking through the trees; all aimed to evoke various emotions in onlookers.

The artist describes this video installation, which was inspired by Borusan's visionary and innovative character, as "dreams and memories coming alive." The projections create a private space far away from the chaos of the city, allowing onlookers to give free reign to their imagination while expressing their creativity.

Dreyfus reveals a hidden side of the building's facade with his visual installation that lyrically narrates the memories of the past 70 years and the dreams of the next 70. The artist states how he wants his installation to "motivate onlookers to rediscover Borusan with their emotions."

Uses light to breathe new life to historical buildings

Dreyfus uses light to reveal the characteristics of historical buildings. His lyrical narrative is aimed to create a "dialogue" between onlookers and the buildings, allowing him to reveal the hidden treasures and stories of historical buildings to onlookers. Dreyfus is one of the leading contemporary light designers thanks to such installations like the re-opening of the Grand Palais in Paris (2005), the "Jacob's Ladder" titled skyward- ladder installation at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, and the lighting of the Notre Dame Cathedral during the Nuit Blanche Festival (2011). Dreyfus is also a household fashion collaborator who provided works for such giants as Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, and Dior Homme.

The French artist's video installation can be viewed at Borusan's Haunted Mansion after sunset...
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