Borusan publishes the Sustainability Manual!

07 June 2021
Placing sustainability at the heart of the way it conducts its operations, Borusan holding explores the sustainability strategy, approach, targets and good practices of the Group in the Borsan Sustainability Manual.

Incorporating the targets of the Group and the companies, where the reference is the year 2030, the Manual addresses the focus areas of “Climate”, “Human”, and “Innovation”. As it progresses towards its sustainability targets, Borusan Group is committed to drawing inspiration from the world to inspire the future.


It has been 15 years since Borusan Group embarked upon its journey of sustainability. Viewing the concept of sustainability as a key building block of its business processes, Borusan has released the Borusan Sustainability Manual. The Manual is designed to raise awarness both within the organization and among the stakeholders. Developed with a view to providing information about the sustainability activities undertaken by the Holding and the Group companies and conveying Borusan's sustainability strategy to all stakeholders, the Manual incorporates how sustainability issues are defined across the Group members, the targets, the good practices in place and the relevant criteria.

Borusan views sustainability as a stakeholder-centric construct, and it strives to generate "benefit" for all living things, by getting nature involved in the process, as well. The group addresses numerous subjects through a sustainability perspective, ranging from gender equality, social benefit, climate crisis and loss of biodiversity to professional competency, equal working conditions, occupational health and safety, and innovation.

Targets set in the areas of Climate, Human and Innovation

Having established 'inspiration' as its point of departure when embarking upon its journey of sustainability as part of its vision to become a 200 year-old company, Borusan conducts its endeavors with a focus on Climate, Human and Innovation, to which it refers as İ3 (since Turkish versions of these three words start with the letter "i"), driven by its motto to draw inspiration from the world to inspire the future.

Borusan Group set its 2030 targets for its operations in the focus areas of Climate, Human, and Innovation. Development of a carbon-free business model, maintaining a human-oriented corporate culture, and generating social and environmental benefit through sustainability innovation stands out in the ݳ model as the strategic drivers of sustainability efforts.

Creating benefit for the planet by promoting robust ecosystems

In line with its ambition to dream, design and produce for a robust climate, Borusan Group's initial target under the heading of "Climate" is to become carbon-neutral in terms of Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions, develop new, carbon-free and cyclical business models and help with species conservation to promote life on land. In addition, pioneering the electric auto industry is now one of the company's targets, in line with its commitment to promoting the use of electric vehicles as part of its climate actions.

Dreaming, designing and produce for a human-oriented corporate culture and social development

By establishing talent management targets and actions in reference to the focus area of "Human", the plan is to formulate sustainable talent attraction and retention strategies, and support the improvement of employee capacities. In addition, acting as a role model for its stakeholders through the pioneering endeavors it undertakes in Türkiye in the field of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), Borusan intends to further consolidate the healthy, happy and safe working environment thanks to the OHS culture it has developed over the years. Raising awareness on Gender Equality among the Group companies, achieving all of the targets it established within the framework of the Gender Lens Program launched back in 2020, and creating social benefit at national and local scales are also on the list of targets Borusan has drawn up under the heading of "Human".

Dreaming of a new era, designing and producing innovative ideas

As part of the focus area of "Innovation", the Group aims to support the entrepreneurship ecosystem, benefit from it, and produce solutions, and it views innovation as a key tool for achieving its objective of creating long-lasting value.

Entire organizational structure of Borusan is steered by this tool. Blending past experiences and expertize with the latest advancements, the Group designs its products and services for the future, and works on entrepreneurial and rejuvenating business models. Moreover, on a mission to boost the initiatives and ideas within its ecosystems by drawing power from digitalization and innovativeness, Borusan plans to develop products and services that would create environmental and social benefit.

Targets are monitored via 'Working Groups'

The targets established by Borusan within the context of sustainability are followed up by the working groups instituted by the Holding and Group companies, under the leadership of the senior management. The Company Sustainability Working Groups are tasked with making sure that sustainability targets of companies are met via necessary actions and decisions, monitoring sustainability agenda of each company and assessing their performance against the annual targets listed in their strategies.

Indicating that Borusan Sustainability Manual is a declaration of will drawn up in an effort to disseminate the sustainability approached and perspectives of all Borusan companies across the stakeholders, Ahmet Kocabıyık, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Borusan Holding notes “The climate crisis, ineffective use of natural resources, and the economic challenges show what a chaotic process we have been going through.

If we want a livable world in the future, we must take action now. And to do that, we need inspiration as it is the origin of all things. As Borusan, we believe that everything originates in inspiration and we are inspired by the world, nature and humans. And with our manual, we aspire to inspire those who wish to embark upon the journey of sustainability. We hope that, by acting together, we will get to the livable tomorrows of which we dream, a lot sooner”.

Noting that Borusan had begun its sustainability journey when it became a signatory to the United National Global Compact 15 years earlier, Erkan Kafadar, Borusan Holding Gruop CEO said “Sustainability is a long quest. With the inspiration we draw from the past and the present, and our vision to become a 200 year-old company, we view sustainability as a way of staying relevant in the future and producing outputs that really matter. It will take years before we get the results from the actions we take today. Therefore, it is essential that we move forward in a planned and systematic manner. Our Working Groups are designed to follow up on and improve this orderly functioning. We've got so much work to do. For a more livable world we hope to achieve through the governance model and strategies also referred to in our manual, we hope to draw inspiration from the world and inspire others through our work”.

Borusan Sustainability Manual:

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