Borusan R&D is a candidate to become a global player in carbon fiber composites, the material of the future

08 March 2018
Borusan R&D participated in the most important expo of the sector, JEC World 2018 with the samples it developed in the field of Carbon Fiber composites and introduced its product prototypes to global players.

March 05, 2018, Paris

. Borusan R&D setting out with Borusan Group’s goal of developing technologies that will lead the way to innovative, competitive products and processes with high added value, stepped on stage in a significant international platform. Borusan R&D, introduced the product samples it developed with composite materials in one of the world’s most prestigious expos, JEC World 2018 held in Paris between 6–8 March.

Carbon Fiber Composites: Materials of the Future

During the transition period to the 4th industrial age, there is a reduction in the limitations of materials used in products from transportation to aviation, domestic appliances to communication tools. Light and strong products required in many sectors, primarily in aviation, energy and automotive, are being made possible by next generation materials such as “carbon fiber.” Carbon fiber materials are much lighter and much more durable compared to traditional materials.

Particularly in the automotive sector, a great deal of effort is being put into lightening vehicles with the aim of carbon emission reduction.

Borusan R&D focuses on this goal by producing automotive components with its custom designed carbon fiber composite materials instead of traditional materials.

“Our goal is to develop innovative products with advanced materials.”

Borusan R&D’s General Director Dr. Murat Yıldırım’s

press statement in the JEC World 2018 expo is as follows:

“JEC World is one of the most significant conferences that bring all the global players together who are in the value chain of the composite sector. Producers of raw material, production equipment and carbon fiber composite goods come together with representatives from aviation, defense, key and sub-automotive industries in this conference. And we also aimed to introduce ourselves in this expo, create opportunities for collaboration, and in a way, make the global launch of our projects.”

Dr. Murat Yıldırım, stating that capacity and quality-based production can now be made on digital platforms, said that the essential goal is increasing added value by creating a difference. He further expressed that, in light of this approach, “improving advanced materials and developing high quality products with added value using these materials” has top priority among Borusan Group’s R&D strategies.

Dr. Yıldırım continued his explanation as such:

Carbon Fiber-based advanced composite materials still present a new field of research in the world. Regulations aimed at reducing greenhouse gases that result from carbon dioxide emission push the automotive sector to significantly decrease the weight of vehicles. Vehicle components produced with carbon fiber composite materials come to the fore as the only solution for lightening vehicles without compromising necessary safety and sturdiness goals. Therefore, it seems that it will be unavoidable for these products to become more and more common in a very short period of time.

As a response to a question directed at the press conference, Dr. Yıldırım stated that they are closely following the developments made in domestic vehicles and that these vehicles having components manufactured from carbon fiber will speed up the research made in this field and that this is something they would greet with high anticipation.

About Borusan R&D

Borusan R&D was founded in 2015 to develop technologies that will take Borusan Group companies to innovative and competitive products and processes with high added value. In this direction, Borusan R&D aims to map out a technology route for the companies and to provide reinforcement for them to achieve the necessary competence and skills.

Within this context, Borusan R&D’s first step was to map out technology routes that are in line with the strategic plan, by making analyses of the companies’ skills, competence and R&D processes. Based on these routes, it designed and actualized numerous projects that would help achieve the set goals.

Borusan R&D is still working on more than 80 projects initiated in the last two years with more than 150 R&D employers, in 4 R&D Centers founded within the Group companies that are also approved by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.

Borusan R&D aims to create the novelty products of the future with high added value by combining advanced material development and design skills.

Borusan R&D sets forth from the fact that the process brought to the fore by Industry 4.0 and digitalization will have a radical effect on the rules of the market and the game. It digitalizes the decision mechanisms of Borusan companies’ production and service processes with a team that has optimization, artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic, data collecting, processing and analyzing skills.
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