A February 14th Message from Borusan:"Love Begins With Language"

14 February 2017
On February 14th, the Valentine's Day, Borusan Group published a guideline and video drawing attention to discriminatory language and behaviors in work place. Published under the title Guideline to Avoid Discriminatory Language and Behaviors in Work Place, this study aims to raise awareness on prejudiced language, expressions and behavioral patterns fostering discrimination between women and men; and to lay the ground for a working environment based on mutual love and respect.

The guidelines prepared by the social equality platform within Borusan Group, “Equal Borusan”, under the counseling of the Social Gender and Women Researches Center of Kadir Has University, includes discriminatory expressions and behaviors, especially regarding gender, frequently encountered in daily work place.

Non-discriminatory equivalents of expressions in work place containing gender discrimination, such as like a man, smart like a man, lady manager; and expressions belittling age and generation differences, such as dinosaur, old headed, newbie, born yesterday and Y-generation have not only been included in the guidelines, but also made visible in working environments through specially designed posters.

Borusan employees have taken part in the video prepared for the campaign named "Love Begins in Language". The message "The world changes if you change your language" was given in the video.

In his assessment on the subject, Agah Uğur, CEO of Borusan Holding, stated the following: "Often in business life, our well-intentioned but gender discriminatory language and behaviors pose a hidden obstacle against working in harmony and in cooperation based on mutual love and respect between women and men, experienced and inexperienced generations. We believe that the language is a reflection of the mind and changing our language will change our minds and behaviors. Creating happier and more efficient working environments is our most important task, but beyond that, it is a matter of humanity. It is our duty for the society and for the future to make our best contribution to make our people get together in love and respect, starting from our own organization."

About Equal Borusan

Equal Borusan is the social equality platform of Borusan. Operating since November 2015, the platform aims to build a happy and successful future where social role and perceptions do not hinder equality and diversity. It is a non-hierarchical public platform supported by company managements. It performs activities to create concrete changes under four working groups including research, training, human resources and communication.

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