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Developing its own technology and distinguished in its own industry in respect of international competition, the Borusan Holding considers R&D activities as a part of the sustainable growth strategy.

The Borusan Holding strives to be distinctive from its competitors and raise the quality of manufacturing and its goods to the level of global technologies, while maintaining its operations in a globally competitive environment, through its works performed up to the present and to be performed in the future.With this purpose in mind, the Borusan Holding intends to plan and execute R&D activities and benefit from its knowledge at the optimum level at all times, by protecting the outcomes from these activities through its policies of intellectual and industrial property rights, with a view to develop and adapt innovative technologies.

In line with this vision, Borusan ArGe was founded at the beginning of 2015. The Borusan Holding will develop its R&D strategies and put its R&D activities into practice through this corporation.

Borusan ArGe aims at contributing to both our nation and industries in which it operates while developing R&D projects within the framework of topics set under the technological course of action. The principle of the technologies developed is to serve those objectives that are expressly discussed in the technological course of action, the Borusan Holding's computation and informatics infrastructure and the specialisation of its staff.

The resulting knowledge from collaboration with universities, research centers and industry under the R&D strategy set by Borusan ArGe is of great importance to the sustainable achievement and future of the Borusan Holding.

In addition to its actions of cooperation to be developed under national projects together with national partners, Borusan ArGe maintains its activities for participation in projects financed by the European Union, takes part in the European Union R&D platforms and follows up the EU R&D activities.

The mission of Borusan ArGe is to have knowledge of, develop and put globally groundbreaking technologies into practice and to create new products and new areas of use.
Dr. A. Murat Yıldırım
General Manager
General Manager : Dr. A. Murat Yıldırım
Founded in : 2015
Address : Büyükhanlı Plaza Defne Sok. No:3 34758 Ataşehir / İstanbul
Telephone : (+90) 216 227 58 01
Fax : (+90) 216 573 56 84
E-Mail :
Web site :
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