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            We believe in the importance of training and development to achieve employee satisfaction and

            long-term employment in various platforms under Borusan Academy, we provide training and

            development programs that would match the needs of our employees. As in the previous years,

            majority of our trainings in 2017 were on professional development.

                 Borusan Leadership Development

                 Program (BOLD)

                 The purpose of the BOLD Program which has been on since 2011 across all locations of
                 Borusan Group is to improve the climate of the organization through supporting our exec-
                 utive management team and thus, to increase the business performance of our leaders.

                 The program involves the participation of more than 100 managers annually, included
                 group coaching sessions in addition to 360 degrees inventory, preparation of inventory
                 reports and giving one-to-one feedback on results, coaching on action plan preparation,
                 holding  workshops and trainings.  We monitor  improvement through BOLD scores ob-
                 tained from inventory exercise results.

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