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Performance Management


                               We oversee Performance Man-              our office employees working in

                               agement Processes via online             our group. Performance system
                               platform to measure employee             is open all year long and com-
                               performance  throughout  the             prises of four periods. We aim
                               year  and  prepare  and  imple-          to increase the rate of highly

                               ment their development plans             motivated and loyal employees
                               according to the results of these        and in parallel increase individ-
                               measures.                                ual and corporate performance
                                                                        in order to create a positive im-

                               In the reporting
 period, we gave
       pact on the financials.
                               performance reviews to 80% of

          Borusan Holding Employee

          Satisfaction Approach

          > Borusan Academy Training and Development Programs

          > 360° Competence Assessment System

          > Performance Management Practices

          > Career Planning

          > Private Pension Scheme

          > Annual Satisfaction Survey

          > Recommendation Systems

          > Effective Internal Communication

          > Borusan Social Clubs

          > Borusan Culture and Arts Activities

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