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Ten years ago, a ship has embarked on a voyage.

             The ship embarked with a mission of creating a better world and a more

                            meaningful life with good causes on its compass.

             Hundreds of sailors came back from their expeditions with smiling faces

                                           and invaluable memories.

              Sailors of the Ocean discovered the joys of gratitude rather than regret.

             They discovered that one’s soul gets richer by giving rather than taking.

              They saw how a tiny rock thrown into the Ocean creates a ripple effect.

                 Over the years more and more sailors joined to those few who had

                 started this journey. They became hundreds so much so that they

                                          touched thousands of lives.

                  There are 1001 ways of doing good. This year we ran 10 special

             volunteering projects to celebrate the 10th year of the Ocean Volunteers.

                    Sign language, organic farming, animal adoption, introducing

                 disadvantaged kids to drama and juggling… And with many more

                             projects, we volunteered to our hearts’ content.

                             There is so much way to go. Come sail with us!

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