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            As Borusan Group, we act with the consciousness

            that the business strategies we develop and the de-

            cisions we make today will shape the future. We see

            all our social and environmental impacts created by

            our activities we realize for economic gains, as our

            responsibilities and conduct our operations with the

            objective to create value for our stakeholders.

                               Borusan Holding CEO is the primary supervisor of Borusan Group’s eco-
                               nomic, social and environmental sustainability performance.

                               We ensure our economic sustainability performance through practices led
                               by Holding CEO and group companies’ general managers; social sus-
                               tainability performance by Holding HR, Corporate Communications and
                               OHS Group; environmental sustainability performance by Environmental
                               Management Units and Lean 6 Sigma office. We conduct our corporate
                               social responsibility practices by Holding Corporate Communications and
                               Borusan Kocabıyık Foundation.

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