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            In Borusan Group companies, we are constantly re-

            viewing our production processes that have a po-

            tential to pollute the environment and developing

            new projects to produce less waste while collecting

            and treating our current waste in full compliance to

            the regulations, in order to reduce our impact on

            the life on earth.

            There is not a water source or a natural life           In 2017, we have supported the UN’s
            zone in and around our facilities that is af-           target of protecting the life on earth
            fected by the waste water discharge on a                with  our  waste management  work
            major scale. Our companies discharge their              at Supsan, sapling planting work at
            waste  water  into  İSKİ  drainage,  network            Borçelik, and ornithologic observation
            drainage system, related municipality col-              at Borusan Enerji.
            lection points and the Marmara Sea.

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