Page 103 - BSR17-EN
P. 103

We conducted awareness studies
            towards 6,500 people at Borusan
            Group under the project scheme.
            We reached 2 million 245 thou-
            sand people in print media and 5
            million in social media.

            We prepared a video by Borusan
            employees’ participation to attract
            other companies to adopt the pro-
            ject. We reached 1.5 million people
            through social media and 2 million
            people through news.

            We are recognized by the 14th In-
            ternational  Stevie Awards for our
            success in battling with discrim-
            ination  and supporting  gender
            equality by our “Love Starts with
            Words” campaign.  We received
            “Bronze Award” in social media
            “The Communication Campaign

            of the Year” category. Our project
            was also a finalist in the Europe-
            an Excellence Awards, one of the
            most  prestigious  award  schemes
            in Europe.

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