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                I Have a Goddaughter

                in Anatolia, She Will Be

                a Teacher!

                As Borusan Lojistik, we decided to give scholarships to 20 girls who receive educa-
                tion outside İstanbul for helping women to have occupations and strengthening their
                positions in society by supporting their education. We donated TRY 19 thousand to
                Association for Supporting Contemporary Life (ÇYDD). We intend to meet the educa-

                tional needs of 10 girls who receive education in Anatolia through ÇYDD every year.

 Equal Borusan

 Social Equality Platform

 Operational since November 2015,   tain full support of all management

 the Equal Borusan Platform raises   levels; challenge, impact and devel-
 the awareness of Borusan employ-  op company and HR policies; play
 ees to the subject of gender equal-  an active role in commissioning na-
 ity. It aims to instill male and female   tional and international treaties and
 equality  in  a  range  of  areas,  from   principles; develop suggestions to

 human rights policies to commu-  change discriminatory statement,
 nication, in employees’ minds and   practice and actions.  My Mom’s Job is
 not only on paper. The purpose of

 the platform is to build a happy and   The platform is nonhierarchical,   My Future Project
 successful  future where gender   has company management sup-  Among  Borusan’s  most  important  wom-  ment in companies in 10 organized indus-
 roles and perceptions do not im-  port and is open to everyone. It   en’s empowerment projects is My Mom’s   trial zones in 10 provinces of Turkey and
 pede equality and diversity.  functions to bring about concrete   Job  is  My  Future.  Research  shows  that   provide their children with modern educa-
 change in four working groups: re-  childcare provision is crucial for improving   tion.

 “Equal Borusan Equal Society’ plat-  search, education, human resourc-  the employment of women in Turkey.
 form priorities are; working to main-  es and communication.    In 2016, My Mom’s Job is My Future won
            This long-term Project, launched in coop-          a social responsibility award in the Golden
            eration with the Ministry of Family and So-        Compass Public Relations Awards, spon-
            cial Policies and  the Ministry of Science,        sored by the Turkish Public Relations Asso-

            Industry and Technology, addresses this            ciation and the United Nations named it an
            issue by building early childcare and ed-          exemplary project. By the end of 2016, the
            ucation centers, called Borusan Joy Fac-           project had opened Borusan Joy Factories
            tories, for children aged between 0 and 6.         in Adıyaman, Afyonkarahisar, Malatya and
            These centers facilitate women’s employ-           Balıkesir.

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