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               Borusan                                                                                                             crucial tips to prevent accidents and do          emphasized the most essential risks and

               Mannesmann Boru Gemlik                                                                                              workplace improvement studies. We es-             intended to raise awareness of employ-
                                                                                                                                   tablished an infrastructure in company            ees. By using employee pictures in the
               Occupational Health and Safety
                                                                                                                                   portal for OHS notices and we continue            posters and brochures, we enhanced
               Cultural Development Program                                                                                        our works for employees to send notifi-           the impact of our work.

                                                                                                                                   cations through MES.
               According  to  International  Labor  Or-         of accomplishing zero accident target
               ganisation - ILO data, 88% of occu-              and encouraging employees to work in                                                                                 > Crane Control Program and Team
               pational accidents are caused by dan-            line with occupational health and safety                           > Reward - Punishment System The                  Establishment  We established a safe
               gerous  actions.  At  BMB  Gemlik  ERW           and environment protection principals;                             objective of the practice is to define re-        work system to prevent employees from

               (longitudinally welded pipe production),         we initiated a program that will increase                          warding and punishment practices re-              occupational accidents caused during
               Gemlik  SP  (spiral  pipe)  and  Halkalı         the OHS cultural level of employees for                            garding  OHS  and  environment  protec-           working with cranes. According to sys-
               plants dangerous action based acci-              identifying and communicating danger-                              tion in Borusan Mannesmann Boru. The              tem, all crane operators check their
               dents occurred as 86% in 2014 and                ous situations, and taking precautions                             intention is not to punish the employee           cranes  before  each  shift  and  for  effec-
               80% in 2015 that entailed the oversight          to fix/prevent these situations. After the
               of a cultural development program to             launch of the program, the accident                                but rather encourage her for safe be-             tiveness reasons they record it in control
               lead employees to safe actions and               rate due to dangerous actions dropped                              haviour. 756 employees are rewarded in            form. We also check cranes everyday by
               avoid these accidents. For the purpose           by 13 points to 73%.                                               2016 who deserved “Zero Accident Bo-              a team of professional experts for tech-
                                                                                                                                   nus” personally and as a department.              nical controls.

               The Practices Within The Program Scope Are                                                                          > OHS Forum Theatre  Dramatization                > Danger Hunt Competition - Mission
                                                                                                                                   or  forum  theatre  technique  is  an  im-        Impossible! The purpose of the game is

               > Safety Walks Sistemi Safety Walks              accidents  that  happened  in  2015  and                           pactful  method  for  75%  of  employees          to contribute to the development of OHS
               System  involves all plant managers  to          the probability that they might get hurt                           through learning by experience. By this           culture and get the support of employees
               lead  OHS  observations  according  to  a        in  one  of  them.  Accident  pictures  and                        technique, information is internalised by         in our battle against accidents. In Boru-

               plan in a predetermined area for 45 min-         short briefs about how the accident has                            experiencing it and therefore will be re-         san Mannesmann where we began our
               utes simultaneously and as a group and           happened are included on the accident                              called longer. In 2016, 3 forums for fac-         journey with the slogan ‘Everyone Will Be

               record all dangerous situations and ac-          visual boards.                                                     tory  employees  and  1  forum  for  office       an Occupational Safety Expert One Day’,
               tions they identify. 60 Safety Walks are                                                                            employees are organized. We decided to            we defined the target for the employees
               conducted at ERW and SP plants since             > Dangerous Situation, Dangerous                                   organize one more forum for those who             to work against occupational accidents

               the beginning of 2016.                           Action  and  Near  Miss  Notification                              couldn’t previously participate due to ex-        as achievable likewise professionals in
                                                                System The purpose of the notification                             cuses.                                            charge of occupational safety. In the

               > Accident Visual Boards We pre-                 system  is to  ensure that all  near miss                                                                            competition held, teams of six people
               pared accident visual boards and put             incidents, dangerous situations and ac-                            > BMB 10 Golden Rules Guide  We                   competed against each other and by re-
               them in several spots at the plant in            tions are communicated and to encour-                              compiled BMB 10 Golden Rules Guide                warding each of them, we secured that

               order to constantly remind employees             age everyone to do so. The reports of                              by  defining  the  most  important  safety        this awareness raising competition is
               and ensure that they do not forget the           these incidents and actions are the most                           rules at BMB plants regarding OHS. We             promoted.

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