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              Borusan           Paint shop and          Meeting the quality           € 236,000
              Endüstriyel       Sandblasting Cabin  standards prevalent in
              Sistemleri                                international, oil and gas
              Gebze Campus                              projects

              Targeted          Economic: Decreasing additional project costs by reducing client
 INDUSTRIAL   Gains             complaints
                                Social: Running a production in compliance with occupational health
 INVESTMENTS                    and safety standards

                                Corporate: Increasing client satisfaction through quality controls

             COMPANY            INVESTMENT                           OBJECTIVE                   BUDGET
 Borçelik  Improving   Increasing CGL3 automotive   -
 Automotive   production rate from 3.5% to   Borusan Oto  Renovation projects commenced  Serving customers   Feasibility
 Capability of   20%; realizing CGL3 automotive   due to the restructuring need in   in accordance with   analyses
 CGL3 Continuous   industry technical efficiency rate   the Licenced Seller and Licenced  their expectations by   of the
 Galvanizing Line   above 95%   Service networks by the addition  reaching the target            work
                                of Jaguar brand to the portfolio     audience of the brands,  that will
 Targeted  Economic: Gaining USD 1.7 million annual yield (after tax)  in 2015; and to comply with   making accurate brand   continue
 Gains  Corporate: Increasing satisfaction rate of automotive customers  the retail standards in Ankara,   communication and   until
                                İstanbul, Adana, Tekirdağ defined  enriching customer            2020 is
                                and imposed by our producers         experience by               available.
                                BMW AG and JLR Limited               enhancing the sales and
 Borusan   Powertest Dyno   New test equipment requirement   $ 334,000   after sales services
 Makina ve Güç  Equipment  due to wearing off of the current
              Targeted          Economic: Reducing general costs

 Sistemleri  unit
              Gains             Social: Enhancing employee and client satisfaction
 Gebze Campus
                                Environmental: Using the area efficiently, achieving energy efficiency,
 Targeted   Economic: We completed motor tests following the motor revisions of   assessing lifetimes and environmental footprints of buildings
 Gains  approximately 400 heavy construction machines that work at the 3rd   Corporate: Increasing client satisfaction and corroborating brand and
                                company image

 airport site. Company cost will decrease since malfunction and service
 frequency will reduce due to revisions.
 Social: We contributed 80% to customer’s efficiency.
              COMPANY           INVESTMENT                OBJECTIVE                              BUDGET
 Corporate: We invested in an area that will create value for clients by
 increasing quality.   Borusan Oto  Project identification   Enhancing customer experience,      -
                                works commenced           making internal processes
 COMPANY  INVESTMENT  OBJECTIVE  BUDGET  within the scope of   faster, reaching customers from
                                digital transformation  diversified channels
 Borusan   TBN (Total Base   Conducting these tests every   $ 20,500  which will last till
 Makina ve Güç  Number) and TAN   1,000 hours to fulfil our oil   2020
 Sistemleri  (Total Acid Number)  changing commitment periods
              Targeted          Economic: Keeping up with the pace of change resulted from
 Gebze Campus analysis equipment   towards our clients
              Gains             digitalization, increasing online sales and work efficiency
                                Social: Enhancing employee and client satisfaction
 Targeted   Economic: Increasing oil sales   Corporate: Corroborating brand and company image and prevailing in
 Gains  Corporate: Increasing client satisfaction  competition

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