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 — We conduct all operations at

 Borusan Group companies according

 to transparency, fairness, responsibility

 and accountability principles of

 corporate governance.  —

 Borusan Holding that plays a central role and   Executive Board is positioned under the Board
 does not participate in management of group   of Directors in the organizational structure, and
 companies, along with Borusan Yatırım which   acts as the management platform that oversees
 participates in companies with minority shares   the achievement of group strategic objectives.
 and functions as a portfolio company, comprise   Executive Board members lead specific indus-
 the Corporate Parent. Holding corporate gover-  try and business line related studies by taking
 nance structure is based on effective commu-  part in the management boards of group com-
 nication and audit mechanisms that establish   panies as chairman or member.
 control over the entire group.
 Holding Financial Control, Internal Audit, Finance
 Borusan  Holding  Board  of  Directors,  the  su-  and Investor Relations departments cooperate
 preme decision-making organ of the group,   with Corporate Risk Management Department
 undertakes the general responsibility of group   in implementing risk processes. Internal Audit
 activities towards shareholders and other stake-  Department  inspects  group  companies’  pro-
 holders. The Board determines the group ob-  cesses and offers them improvement sugges-
 jectives and develops strategy to achieve these   tions by identifying the risk areas. The inspec-
 objectives and thereby works for sustainable   tions conducted by Internal Audit department
 development of group companies.   includes social topics such as ethics, employee
 rights,  and  OHS,  in  addition  to  environmental
 Borusan Holding Board of Directors, with a bal-  topics. In 2016, 44% of group companies’ de-
 anced structure of both executive and non-ex-  partments were inspected by Holding Internal
 ecutive members, is comprised of seven mem-  Audit Department on social and environmental
 bers, including two independent ones. Holding   topics.


 2015-2016  MEMBERS 50 YEARS AND ABOVE  100%

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